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  1. Supershapes

    While doing some research on procedural content generation, specifically on ways to generate shapes I stumbled upon the so called Superformula. Introduction The Superformula is based on the the concept of superellipses. The original form is in polar coordinate. The snippet below shows how you convert those into points to…

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  2. Velvet: Modular Procedural Generation

    This week I finished writing my thesis Procedural Generation of Content in Video Games. In it, I take a look at some examples of games applying Procedural Content Generation (PCG), as well as some recent research in the field. I also present a concept and discuss a proof-of-concept implementation of…

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  3. Recreational Maths Vol. 1

    The Golden Ratio Disclaimer Defintion The relation of two things is, such that the ratio of A plus B to A is the same as A to B. function isGoldenRatio (a, b) { var x = (a + b) / a; var y = a / b; // check if 'almost' equal, avoids floating point errors return…