Game Jam Entries

Rocket Beans Jam

Game jam organized by a german online tv station dedicated to games.

Beans Jam 2017

Global Game Jam

Game Jam being held globally over one weekend.

2016 @ InnoGames

Indie Gameleon

A festival organized by indie game developers, for indie game developers, game design students and indie game enthusiast!

48h Game Jam 2015
  • Theme: Positive impact on the world
  • Status: Submitted
  • Entry: B7

Ludum Dare

48 as well as 72h game jam.

Ludum Dare 34 (Jam)
Ludum Dare 33 (Jam)
Ludum Dare 32 (Jam)
Ludum Dare 30 (Jam)
Ludum Dare 26 (Compo)
Ludum Dare 25 (Compo)