Interactive Media


A short experiment real-time rendered music video. You can watch is as video export, play it in first-person view or experience it in virtual reality. Head over to this blog post, to read about the process of creating Illusion.


Lights reacting to music, using an experimental implementation of area lights and volumetric fog in Unity3D. Check it out at or look at the code on github.

Fission Cell

Take on the role of an operator at a fission plant and to prevent the core from overheating as long as possible!


Personal game engine architecture research project, using a component based entity system and OpenGL rendering techniques. Check out the code base on github.


Take a look at some shaders over at my shadertoy profile.

Superformula Viewer

Little web tool to create shapes based on the superformula. You can also check out the source at github.

Cellular Life

A three-dimensional implementation of conway's game of life.


Little game based on the monty hall problem.
You can download prebuild binaries or checkout the source hosted at github.

Solar System Sim

Simple 2D simulation of a solar system. Created with XNA (which is now monogame) and VitaminC (a custom framework I wrote on top of XNA).
Download it here (requires .NET version 4 or higher, and XNA installed).