Fission Cell

Promo video


This project has been developed as part of my post-graduate program 'Time-dependent media / sound-vision-games' and presented at the yearly exhibition of the Department of Design, Media and Information. The concept was to induce stress and discomfort, by building a structure which accumulates heat and having the player execute a repetitive task increasing in difficulty over time.

You take on the role of an operator in a nuclear fission plant. Your task is to activate the right parts of the plant, to prevent the reactor from overheating. The custom-built interface embedded into an old oil barrel underlines the risks of modern energy generation and consumption. Players will also be captured by a web-cam so people standing outside of the cage can watch the players inside.

Take a look at our promotional video to get an idea of what it is like to play the game.

Here are some impressions of players reacting to the end of a session were the reactor explodes, signaled by all lights flashing red.

Player reaction 1 Player reaction 2


Sven FreibergConcept, Programming
Fabian SchrimpfElectronics
Fabian UtschDesign, Construction, Materials
Dimitri GaisinSilk-screen printing
Rudi MartensConstruction
Leon BalmesDesign
Konstantin RudolphConstruction