Dark Passenger - Revenge on Epsilon

In this action packed asymmetric co-op game, you assume the roles of the daemon Samir tethered to Ning, a human. You are inevitably linked together. Tethered by an ethereal bond. Years after you broke out of Epsilon, you come back to the place where they created you as a super solider - to seek vengeance for what they did to you. Samir is played in VR from a first-person perspective, while Ning is played via game controller and monitor from a third-person perspective.

Illustration by Fabian Utsch

Dark Passenger was developed as part of the post-graduate program 'Time-dependent media / sound-vision-games' and shown at the design exhibition at campus finkenau in 2017, as well as Play17 as part of 'Nacht des Wissens'.


Teaser Trailer
Impressions from the exhibtion


Sven FreibergLead Programming, Game Design, Project Management
Fabian UtschArt Direction, 3D Art, Tech Art, Level Design
David LiebGameplay Programming, Animation, VFX
Saeed DawodMusic / Sound Design
Adam MichniewiczAdditional 3D Art
Rudi MartensAdditional Concept Art
Andreas GaschkaAdditional Concept Art